What causes baldness?

Going bald for no apparent reason is an affliction confined largely to men. It is usually hereditary and is almost always gradual, starting at the front of the scalp, on either the side or in a circular area on top.

Both men and women lose some hair as they grow older. If hair loss is sudden however, it may be a symptom of disease, in particular a hormonal disturbance. The most common reason is an over- or underactive thyroid gland. If this is successfully treated, the hair will grow back again. Certain other glandular diseases, especially those involving the pituitary, have similar effects. Hormonal fluctuations may occur after pregnancy and lead to hair loss, but the system will normally readjust quite quickly.

Any serious illness, especially if it is accompanied by a fever, may lead to hair loss from the whole body, not just the scalp. Drugs used in treating illness, especially cancer, can also cause the hair to fall out, as can radiation therapy. When the treatment is stopped the hair usually grows back. Too much vitamin A can lead to hair loss. You may also lose your hair if you have a sudden and excessive loss of weight – sufferers of anorexia nervosa frequently find their hair falling out and may go bald.

Children often lose small areas of hair if they have ringworm, a highly infectious fungal infection which circulates throughout the community from time to time.

5 Honest Tips to Keep Health in the Good Condition

Good health is one thing that humans will always love to have. I personally believe if you are healthy and fit then you can accomplish many things in life.

When I talk about health it is related to both mind and body. I believe they are interconnected with each other. As we know our mind controls all essential internal organs. Therefore, it is a must that we take care of your mind.

I have observed many successful people and they give great importance to their health. In this article, we are going to see five tips and tricks which can help you to develop better health. So, let’s begin.

Exercise On A Regular Basis

From time immemorial we believed in keeping health in good condition by physical exercise. Many studies show that, if we can spend even 30 minutes per day on daily exercise then there will a huge improvement in our health.

The best part about this is we don’t have to sweat like any world-class wrestler or athlete. You only need to do some basic warm-up as well as stretching exercises in life.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. And when you walk there should be some pace and the best time of walking is early morning. We need to do exercise so we can maintain proper body weight.

Eating Healthy Food For Better Health

Another important part is related to eating healthy food for better health. Not only you have to eat healthy food but you also need to take a proper diet.

It includes taking all the essential nutrients in the best possible manner. For example, if you are taking lots of sweet or heavy salt in food then you need to control them. Plus, are you taking water in the required quantity? What about daily intake of vitamin A, B, or C, etc.

There is a connection between eating healthy food and taking a proper diet. As we know we need to intake many vital vitamins in our regular diet as studies say we are what we eat. Exercise is only 20% and food is 80%. Better your immunity system better for your health.

Minimize Intake of Alcohol And Reduce Smoke

Are you a chain smoker? Do you drink on a regular basis? Do you drink the whole night and wake up too late on Sundays?

If you are doing such things then you are really spending your hard-earned money and health in the worst possible manner. For example, do you know the cost of one packet (20 pieces) of cigarettes in India can range from
Rs. 50 to 3000?

Suppose you are a chain smoker and you smoke one pack in two days then you will be spending Rs. 750 to 45000/- depending upon your choice of a packet. I think people drink or smoke for a variety of reasons but this is not a good habit for health.

Take Proper Sleep At Night

Do you know on average a person spends almost 26 years sleeping? Which also means we spend ⅓ of our life just sleeping and resting. And above that, we spend around 7 years just trying to get to sleep.

Getting proper rest and sleep is necessary for our overall growth and development. If you will not take the proper sleep then you cannot work with full focus the next day.

Sleep not only refreshes us but also recharge our brain. Many people even got great inspiration during sleep. Just like food is necessary for a healthy body, in the same way, proper sleep is extremely essential for proper brain function.

Challenge Your Mind

I will also stress the importance of keeping the mind sharp and active. How often do you challenge your mind? Do you love to solve puzzles? Do you read books to gain new insights and information? What new things you have learned in the last three to six months?

The best possible way to keep your mind active and sharp is through learning new skills. When you spend time on new things it helps your brain to grow new neurons.

When your brain sees new challenging activities then they try to build connections within your brain. This helps the brain to develop your cells. Along with this, you need to eat nuts and healthy fruits. Remember the more active and stronger your brain will be better for your career and growth.


I believe if you are born healthy then it should be easy to take care of your health. Then we just need to learn the simple ways to keep health in the good condition. We need to stay away from excessive pollution, take the right proportion of the diet, stop eating street foods, and drink pure water. And at last, I would like to say, taking care of your health should be your priority.

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